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Our adhesives range comprises of cornice adhesives, hybrids and more.
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We have been suppliers of silicone and acrylic sealants and adhesives to the South African market for 35 years and over this period of time; we have built a reputation of good quality product competitive prices.
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Our Polyurethane range covers 20, 25 and 40 shore hardness as well as polyurethane foams.
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Bonding & Keying Agents

Are ready to use, water based liquids for use in the construction industry as well as in DIY applications. They can be used as bonding agents between new and old surfaces; as a primer coat prior to plastering, screeding or tiling, particularly if the surface is friable/powdery; as keying agents on smooth surfaces or as barrier coatings between incompatible surfaces. When added to cement, screeds and grouts, SILTECH Bonding & Keying Agents will add flexibility, adhesion and water repellency.
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