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A silicone emulsion is a stable colloidal suspension consisting of silicone oil dispersed and held in water by an emulsifier. Silicone emulsions are economical, easy to use and excellent release agents for mechanical, rubber, wire and cable goods. They are also used as general-purpose release agents. In automotive rubber applications, silicone emulsions are used as release agents in the molding of automotive floor mats, shock mounts, fan belts and O-rings. In consumer goods, silicone emulsions perform as release agents in applications such as soles and heels for footwear and household products such as floor tiles. Examples of emulsions include butter and margarine, milk and cream, espresso, mayonnaise, the photo-sensitive side of photographic film, magmas and cutting fluid for metal working.

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Four different types of emulsions exist

1. Macro and Micro
2. Anionic
3. Cat ionic
4. Mechanical


  • Food packaging process aids and release agents
  • Latex glove release agents and condom lubricants
  • Textile softeners, enhancers and fibre-fill lubricants and thread lubricants
  • Offset printing release emulsions
  • Polish and paint formulatory additives
  • Mould release agents for rubber (tyre) and metal castings in foundry applications
  • Lubricants for wire and cable
  • General purpose release agents



Direct, bath, lick roller, spraying and blending.


25kg pails, 200kg drums and 1000kg flow bins