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BIO-SIL WWA/5-RTU is an active emulsion of silica filled Polydimethylsiloxane which is specifically formulated for the control of foam in waste water systems and holding ponds. BIO-SIL WWA/5-RTU is a low viscosity ready to use antifoam that can be dosed directly into the water source for effective foam control.


25Kg Pail-White

25Kg Pail

200Kg Drum

200Kg Drum

1000Kg Tote

1000Kg Tote

Technical Properties.

*Viscosity at 25C [mPa.s]
500 - 1200
*Specific Gravity [@20˚C]
Off white to beige

 *Typical product data values should not be used as specifications

Common Areas of Use.

Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Storage Ponds

Waste Water Storage Ponds

Starting Guide.

As a processing aid: For maximum performance, BIO-SIL WWA/5-RTU can be administered directly into the foaming system with a metered pump. BIO-SIL WWA/5-RTU is efficiently dispersed with minimum agitation.

For end use: BIO-SIL WWA/5-RTU does not require pre-dilution and the emulsions can be added directly from the original shipped container to the foaming system. Concentrations in the range of 0.1 to 0.2% have been determined as a good starting point.

Please Note.

  •  Testing before formulating should be carried out as systems vary.

  • Material Safety Data Sheets are available upon request.

  • The shelf life period without testing is 12 months from date of manufacture, if stored in the original unopened container at 4°C to 27°C.

  • Mild agitation should be carried out if stored as the nature of any emulsion is to separate without agitation over extended periods of storage.

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