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Y-Clean Foaming Sanitizer is a high foaming, acid based, no-rinse sanitizer liquid. Designed for use on food contact surfaces, this acid and anionic detergent blend provides a synergetic killing system with a broad spectrum bactericidal and fungicidal action*. The high foaming nature of the solution provides an effective sanitizing foam, making it ideal for hand application as well as soaking. Ideal for use in breweries, dairies and other food manufacturing environments, where daily use will leave equipment sanitized and in an acid state, which will eliminate water spotting. May also be used as a milk stone and scale remover.

NRCS Registration No: Act5GNR529/292916/140/1089

*As tested against Enterococcus hirae ATCC 10541; Escherichia coli ATCC 10536; Psuedomonas auruginosa ATCC 15442; Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538, showing over 99.999% reduction in CFU’s, and Aspergillus brasiliensis ATCC 16404; Candida albicans ATCC 102102131, showing a 99% reduction.



    Ensure all surfaces are clean and free from soil before sanitizing. Dilute at a rate of 15ml per 10L of water (1:665). Allow a 1-2 minute contact time for effective sanitization. After draining of the solution, no rinsing is required. For part soaking, allow contact for 30 seconds with the solution and apply parts wet. For utensils, soak or spray with the prepared solution and allow 1-2min contact time. For bulk tanks, vats or equipment, apply the solution to all surfaces via manual spray, brush or soak and drain after 1-2min contact time. Higher dilution rates will require a potable water rinse if used on food contact surfaces. Solution must maintain a pH of below 3 to be effective. Diluted product can be stored for up to a week. If clouding occurs replace the solution or add phosphoric acid to lower the pH. Replace the solution if it becomes soiled or dirty.


    • YC0300-500ML Bettix
    • YC0300C-1Litre Bettix
    • YC0301-1Litre Bottle
    • YC0302-5Litre
    • YC0303-25Litre Pail
    • YC0304-200Litre Drum
    • YC0305-1000L Tote

    • Breweries
    • Diary Industry
    • Food Manufacturing
    • Sanitary Conditions Required
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