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Siltech 800
Cornice Adhesive

SILTECH 800 cornice adhesive is a strong, flexible, durable specially formulated single component acrylic based adhesive.

Ceiling roses
Polystyrene cornices
Siltech 800 310ml Cartridge
Strong Hold

Pack Sizes

siltech 800 310ml

310ml Cartridge

Siltech 800 1KG Bucket
1Kg Bucket
Siltech 800 2KG Bucket
2Kg Bucket
Siltech 800 5KG Bucket
5Kg Bucket
Siltech 800 1L Bucket
1L Bucket
Siltech 800 2KG Bucket
2L Bucket
Siltech 800 5L Bucket
5L Bucket


The strong yet durable adhesive bond formed by

SILTECH 800 cornice adhesive is resistant to UV radiation, moisture, temperature fluctuations (between -30° & 80°C), tensile and compressive stresses.


  • High initial tack and final bond strength

  • Excellent properties designed as paste to be applied with scraper 

  • Soft glue line with good flexibility  

  • Product exhibits excellent filling and paintable properties  


Polystyrene Cornices

Polystyrene Cornices

Decorative plaster pieces

Decorative Plaster Pieces

Ceiling roses

Ceiling Roses & Reinforce Plasterboard

Skirting boards

Skirting Boards

Polyurethane Cornice

Polyurethane Cornice

Sugar Soap Powder

Sugar Soap Powder 500g
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