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Bio-Sil PPA/20
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Bio-Sil FDA Compliant
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BIO-SIL PPA/20 is an active emulsion of silica filled Polydimethylsiloxane which is specifically formulated for the control of foam in black liquor generated during bagasse based pulp making.  BIO-SIL PPA/20 is effective at low dosages when added to black liquor where the treatment of foam is critical.


25Kg Pail-White

25Kg Pail

200Kg Drum

200Kg Drum

1000Kg Tote

1000Kg Tote

Common Areas of Use.

Black liquor in paper manufacturing_306046063

Black liquor in paper manufacturing

Pulp making effluent water treatment

Pulp making effluent water treatment

Starting Guide.

For maximum performance, BIO-SIL PPA/20 can be administered directly into the foaming system with a metered pump. BIO-SIL PPA/20 is efficiently dispersed with minimum agitation.


For end use:

BIO-SIL PPA/20 emulsions can be added directly from the original shipped container to the foaming system.

Concentrations in the range of 0.1 to 0.2% have been determined as a good starting point.


Compliant with the FDA Code of Federal Regulation Title 21 section 176.210 (indirect food additives used as defoaming agents in the manufacture of paper and paperboard).

Please Note.

The warranty period without testing is 12 months from date of manufacture, if stored in the original unopened container at 4°C to 27°C. Mild agitation should be carried out if stored as the nature of any emulsion is to separate without agitation over extended periods of storage.

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